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Fri Jun 24 10:24:55 CDT 2016

Heh!  Especially if an  upper case only  terminal
I can just imagine the cry arising from the little whiners!  
(as they stamp their feet and rent their clothing....)
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emu at e-bbes.com writes:

On  2016-06-24 08:23, Swift Griggs wrote:
> However, I think most folks  these days would faint if they were forced to
> work on a  terminal.

Just don't tell them, that they do ;-)

If you really  think about it, the terminals just got faster and
got more colors. (and you  call them smartphone, thin clinet, tablet, win 
PC,  ...)
a.) most data is somewhere in the cloud (before it was  called mainframe)
b.) a lot of applications are running in the cloud  (before, mainframe)
c.) you connect now via wireless internet (before:  modem)
d.) ...

So, just Emperor's new clothes  ;-)

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