CDC 6600 - Why so awesome?

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Thu Jun 23 13:13:30 CDT 2016

From: Swift Griggs
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>On Wed, 22 Jun 2016, Rich Alderson wrote:

>> We have [a DD60] running at LCM, attached to an instance of dtCyber, the
>> 6000/Cyber simulator, via John Zabolitzky's Xilinx-based display adapter.
>> We're in the process of refurbing the one that came with the 6500, which
>> we may attach to the system at some point.

> Is that "Living Computer Museum" ? You are in Seattle, right? I'll stop by 
> for sure if I'm in the area. I'm in Denver.

That's correct.  We're building out the first floor of the building right
now (open during construction), for a grand reopening in early November.
The new exhibit space will take us beyond vintage systems to the important
work being done by their descendants.

A pointer to the web site is in my .sig, of course.


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