Still ISO: Infotek MX-30 Memory boards for Infotek FP-30 (HP 9830 upgrade)

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Tue Jun 21 18:11:44 CDT 2016

Hey all --

Several years ago (well, three years ago, anyway) I stumbled upon a
beat-up, incomplete HP 9830 desktop computer/calculator that had been
upgraded with an Infotek FP-30 CPU upgrade.

Unfortunately, it's missing the special memory boards (the MX-30) the
system requires.  I asked around back then and had no luck, I figured I'd
try again.  If anyone has any parts for this rare beast, drop me a line.

Alternately, if someone else has a need for the parts I do have, let me
know and maybe we can work something out.  It would be nice to get a
working system (even if it's not mine) out of this stuff.


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