DL11 M7800

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon Jun 20 11:21:30 CDT 2016

    > From: Paul Birkel

    >> I will upload the content to the CHW (and add the DB9 pinouts, too).

    > Yes, please.

OK, done; see:


and it references the new:


I'd be grateful for any feedback on how I can improve the page(s) - more data
to add, thinks to explain better, etc.

Note: I added the DB9 pinouts, _but_ I have never made an actual DEC->DB9
cable, and am unlikely to (see below), so these have not been experimentally
tested. I'm pretty sure they're right (I checked them against some online
tables), but 'the difference between theory and practise', etc, etc. So if
someone does make any DB9 cables from this page, and can confirm that they
works, I'd be very grateful! :-)

I personally don't recommend making DEC->DB9 cables. DB25P<->DB9S adaptors are
cheap and easy to find on eBay, and if you make everything DB25, all you'll
need are a few DB25P<->DB9S adaptors to connect to PCs, and all your other
cabling activity (e.g. connecting one PDP-11 to another) will be simple, since
everything will be standardized on DB25s; no having to keep two kinds of every


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