The Great TK revival

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Sun Jun 19 09:51:07 CDT 2016

 >On Saturday, June 18th, 2016 at 11:22:19 +0100, Rod Smallwood wrote:

> Hi
>     The great TK revival continues apace.
> There's a TK50 in my VAX 4000 running really well. Purrs like a cat
> I have TK70 in the RT-11 (11/83 QED) Machine that also runs.
> TK70 should read the TK50 tapes. It tries but complains about cant 
> read the directory.
> So whats a common format I can write  on a TK50 tape in a TK50 Drive 
> (VMS)
> then take it over to the RT-11 box and have it read it.?
> Where is all this going? Well I need to end up with RSTS on an 11/83.
> So a bootable TK50 with RSTS install files on it is the goal.
> Meanwhile transfer by tape is useful.

Another method of checking any data on any physical device
is to use the RT-11 program, DUMP.SAV, which will display
the individual blocks in the case of a disk drive and the individual
records in the case of a tape.

Unfortunately, my PDP-11 hardware is not available right now.
But I was able to use Ersatz-11 to perform the same operations.

Under RT-11:

Three 80 byte records and 4 tape marks are displayed as in:

First 80 byte record
Second 80 byte record
Third 80 byte record

If you can display the above data when you INIT the TK70
media on the PDP-11/83 under RT-11, but can't read a TK50
media produced under VMS, then perhaps there may be a hardware

Let us know what you are able to see.  Then we can help some more.

Jerome Fine

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