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Sat Jun 18 01:23:48 CDT 2016

Hi there!
   I would be interested in the AIX media, and any AIX-related discs.

   I am also keenly interested in the 9-tracks, and potentially newer tape cartridges if it's IBM stuff.

Thank you!

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No one has asked for them yet. Some were in very poor shape, broken reels with tape falling off, so I discarded those. On others the reels are intact and the tape has not been exposed. Any info on these is supposed to be scrubbed, since the backups contain proprietary info.

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> The age runs from reels of tape (9 track? Dated 1989 and earlier) to LTO4.

Have you had interest in the 9-track tapes as yet? I would coordinate (contribute to postage) with someone so they can be saved and inspected.

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