Set of mystery DEC boards: who can help me identifying these?

P Gebhardt p.gebhardt at
Sat Jun 18 00:32:55 CDT 2016

Hello all,

>I recently got a bunch of boards from somebody who was either not able to tell me where they were from.
>The boards seem to be unibus-based with numbers starting with X. I neither came across these before, nor could find any information in the web about it:
>Type, P/N     , Description
>X029, 5013132B, AUC interconnect
>X022, 5012197C, unibuswindow
>X021, 5012181C, CD ROM control (did that ever exist for unibus?)
>X020, 5012180B, data path
>Two 16K mos memory modules M7847 came with the set. 

Thanks to everybody who tried to help figuring out from what installation these DEC boards with Unibus-type connecction are. I'm somehow amazed that there seem to be some board types from DEC around that seem pretty much unknown. I also didn't find any information in the DEC part number catalogs on bitsavers. I confirm that the X-type numbers (x020, X029 etc) are found on the metal etches of the boards. 

Anyway, I will keep the photos of the boards at the below link. Maybe somebody who steps over it someday can tell us what these boards are from :)

Thanks again to the list for your help so far on this,

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