Eckert - Faster, Faster; books in general

Brian Walenz thebri at
Thu Jun 16 20:28:15 CDT 2016

Is there an electronic copy of this floating around?  My (ex-library) copy
is missing all of chapter 11, "What is there to calculate?.  (And the last
page of the previous chapter).  The pages weren't ripped out, they were
missing when it was bound.  Very annoying, I enjoyed the book right up
until it crashed, so to speak.

Two, also ex-library, copies are listed on Amazon, and I hesitate to get
another copy with the same problem.  There are others, of course, at
outrageous prices.  Or maybe I don't realize the significance of '1st
edition, not ex-library'.

Just to make any discussion a bit more interesting, what would you suggest
along similar lines?  The two giant books on IBM (detailing "pre-360", and
"360") were quite fun too.


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