Hazeltine 2000 Manuals

Dave dfnr2 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 16 17:32:25 CDT 2016

Hi all,
These Hazeltine 2000 were just on Ebay and were quickly snatched up.=C2=A0 =
Did anybody here happen to snag them?

I've been looking for these manuals for some time.=C2=A0 If someone won the=
m (or has a set), I wonder if you'd be willing to create some nice high-qua=
lity scans.=C2=A0 I'd be willing to pitch in to cover the costs of scanning=
 large pages, etc. with high resolution.=C2=A0 Alternatively, if anyone has=
 similar manuals and would be willing to sell them, I'd be interested.

Thanks for any info!

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