DL11 M7800

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Thu Jun 16 09:58:05 CDT 2016

> Check the cable, if it's not the one you used with the other
> serial port card.
> -tony

Thanks for the tips.  The card may have bad component(s) but at least it
had not yet been previously repaired when the unit was in production.  I
find "vintage" repairs from back in their day are often sloppy and caused
damage.  I'd rather have a bad card "as-was" so there is a better chance to
restore today.  It seems as if the 1488's go bad on these more often than

The original cable, p/n is a 1700004-1 flat cable with Berg connectors on
either end so I had to find something compatible with a terminal instead.
I switched in the same BC03L-10 that I have been using to connect to a
25-pin terminal (with null modem adapter) using a newer DL11-W. (M7856).


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