Mystery HP 1000 board

Jay West jwest at
Thu Jun 16 08:06:45 CDT 2016

Marc wrote...
 It's part of an HP 5451C Fourier Analysis system
So my foggy memory of it being a card to make the system a fourier analysis instrument was "not too far off" *grin*. Now if I could just remember when wife asks me to bring home bread from the store....

Marc gave me new knowledge the other day, I'll share in case no one knew this....I sure didn't.

>From my manuals and travels, I was under the impression that while the M series was 3 machines (2105, 2108, and 2112) and the E series was 2 machines (2109 and 2113).... that there was only one machine in the F series - the 2117F, and it had the FP box underneath.

Marc showed me a machine that was badged "1000F", but had no FP box under it. I of course (incorrectly) told him - it ain't an F unless you go back and get the FP box that goes with. He found that in the rear above the I/O cage, there was a wide (width of the chassis) card cage of about 3 slots, that was apparently for an FP. My reply (wrong) was that it must be a custom job.

Turns out - there was a model of F designated 2111F which has the FP boards inside the main chassis above the I/O cage, and the 2117F which has the boards in a separate box under the cpu. Either I never knew about this 2111F, or my brain blocked it out or forgot it. I'm going with the former ;)


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