Mystery HP 1000 board

Jay West jwest at
Thu Jun 16 07:57:23 CDT 2016

Marc wrote...
 21MX K (whatever a K-model is, never heard of it, but seems to be made of an HP 2105 model, I'll look that up
I have not been HP-focused for a year or so, I've had my head in DG stuff instead and I am finding that I'm forgetting (and remembering wrong) many HP things lol But....

Foggy Memory - The main difference between the 2105 and 2112 (and separately the 2109 and 2113) was mechanical. I seem to recall that the elusive "K" series (which I have a sales brochure for somewhere, but I have never seen in the wild, nor do I know of anyone who has one) was a "pick and choose" at order time - "Roll Your Own 21MX". It was apparently some form of "modular" so you could get bits and pieces of the different models in one model (right down to the number of slots you wanted).


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