Keyboards and the Model M (was Re: NEC ProSpeed 386)

Peter Corlett abuse at
Thu Jun 16 06:25:00 CDT 2016

On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 09:17:01AM -0700, Christopher Satterfield wrote:
> Unicomp keys are still done using dyesub PBT, same as IBMs. Still takes a lot
> of effort to wear it down, I don't recall ever seeing a board with any wear
> on the legends.

My teetering pile of junk^W Fine Legacy Equipment that requires some TLC
includes a dead Unicomp Model M where some of the legends have clearly worn
away. The user admits to putting it through the dishwasher at least twice,
having apparently decided it was dishwashable because the first time worked.

Apart from the obvious reason that I just can't be arsed, the main stumbling
block on the repair is the recessed bolts holding it together and me not having
a suitable thin-walled driver to turn them. It's probably a simple job once I'm
actually in.

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