Mystery HP 1000 board

Rik Bos hp-fix at
Thu Jun 16 03:59:19 CDT 2016

> The boards are also used in the HP 5420A/B Dynamic Signal Analysers and the HP
> 5423A Structural Dynamics Analyser.
> The boards belong to the 5443 control unit which is actually a M-series
> processor with some add-ons like the booster board and a custom front
> panel/keyboard.
> The analysers consists of three 19"boxes containing the 5441 Display unit, 5443
> Control unit ant the 5441 AD-coverter and Digtal filter.
> The boxes are connected through the MIOB  (Multiple Input Output Bus) a 16
> bits bus used to communicate and control the various parts.
> FYI the HP 5420 and 5423 were used to test parts of the space shuttle program.
> Some other info of the units are on:
> Some picture and a short video loading the operation software on:
> -Rik

What I forgot, if anyone has tapes or info of these systems I would be very interested.
Tapes are dc100 type of tape cartridges, typically starting with HP 05423-##### or HP 05420-######
And have titles like HP 5420A/B, HP 5423, Control- Test- or HPIB-tape etc..
I've one working set of software and love to find more.


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