Possible to Re-flash a Yamaha SCSI CDROM to fake an Apple CDROM ?

Swift Griggs swiftgriggs at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 16:24:52 CDT 2016

On Wed, 15 Jun 2016, rescue wrote:
> Didn't hacked or 3rd party cd-rom drivers exist?

I have some vague memory, but I was thinking that could just be wishful / 
convenient memory on my part.

> That won't handle the boot problem, but the boot checks might not be as 
> thorough as Disk Setup ???

Well, my 660AV will boot from a Yamaha drive I have. However, MacOS 
refuses to show the drive after it's installed. So, I'm thinking that a 
hack such as the one we are discussing might be a full fledged solution.
> Plextor CD-ROM SCSI drives used to have a 512 byte block jumper as well.  
> I don't know about the DVD drives.

Plextor makes some great gear. However, I've also had good luck with 
Yamaha. I have had trouble with Pioneer, but they make the only slot-CDROM 
(and DVD) drives I know of. Their metal USB drives are also nicely built, 
pretty, and have a cool design. However, they've been less robust than 
some others I own (I have an LG drive with much fewer read errors and it's 
actually slot-driven, too).


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