Searching an IBM Model B typewriter for IBM 1620

Johannes Thelen johannesthelen at
Wed Jun 15 06:19:36 CDT 2016

I got just another jewel to my collection, IBM 1620 Model I (G level). Machine has all internals intact, but table top and the typewriter are missing (probably doorway was too narrow back then, parts removed and forgotten somewhere on the journey... )
That table top can be made again, but I would need that right model typewriter. Anyone have a spare..?
Also I have another problem with it, memory is suffering wire corrosion (like these all does). So this can be a looooong shot, but if someone have a functional memory or just core array, I'm interested to buy or swap it to something.
Photos can be found my blog, link below.

- Johannes ThelenFinland
Before microcomputers blog (Finnish)


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