Quadra 660AV what's with the "PowerPC" label?

Sean Conner spc at conman.org
Mon Jun 13 18:56:35 CDT 2016

It was thus said that the Great Liam Proven once stated:
> >  System 9.x and before are
> > "something different" for me, a break from my mostly hardcore CLI
> > existence.
> Yes, true. An OS I still miss, for all its instability and quirkiness.
> I'd love to see a modern FOSS recreation, at least of the concept and
> the style, even if it was binary-incompatible.

  What do you feel is still missing from OS-X today?  About the only thing I
can think of is the unique file system, where each file had a data and a
resource fork.  

> I wish the Star Trek project had come to some kind of fruition.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek_project

  Reading that, it sounds like it would have been much like early
Windows---an application that would run on top of MS-DOS (or in this case,


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