Quadra 660AV what's with the "PowerPC" label?

Cameron Kaiser spectre at floodgap.com
Mon Jun 13 12:33:08 CDT 2016

> The weird thing about this machine is that it says "PowerPC" right on the 
> front, but it's *NOT* a PPC. It's most definitely a 25Mhz 040'. I wonder 
> why that's there? Maybe the guy took the badge from another system, but I 
> don't think so. This was the original owner. I also wonder why this one is 
> called a "Quadra" when I know I used to have a 660AV that was a "Centris". 
> Wikipedia seems to imply it was just a marketing name change only. 
> However, the article also mentions that most of the Quadras don't have a 
> floppy with motorized eject. Well, this one does. Perhaps it was replaced. 
> I just wonder what's up with these little nuances. 

I think there's a simple explanation: someone recycled the case from a 6100.
You could easily pry the label from the old one off and glue on the new one.

> My plan is to run A/UX on the Quadra 700 and MacOS 8.1 on the 660AV. Right 
> now I have everything in pieces. I'm waiting on another SCSI2SD to come to 
> be able to set them both up. Plus, I just got the one SCSI2SD and I'm in 
> the process of benchmarking it on several different OSs. I wish the US 
> vendor would sell the newer (v6) board, as it's supposed to support 10MB/s 
> synchronous (if your SD card can do it, and most can these days). All they 
> have on Ebay right now are the older 5.x based cards (which is like the 
> one I have now).

I personally run A/UX on a Quadra 800 that I clockchipped to 40MHz. That runs
it very, very nicely.

It does have a PowerPC PDS card, btw, but the PDS card does not like the CPU
being accelerated much past 38MHz.

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