UNIBUS extension card/cable sets

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sun Jun 12 15:03:13 CDT 2016

So I previously:


    >> I see 'three' different kinds of 'UNIBUS to cables' cards listed:

    >>   M9014	UNIBUS to 3 H854s
    >>   M9015	3 H854s to UNIBUS
    >>   M9031	UNIBUS to 3 3M cables for 11/74
    >>   M9042	UNIBUS to 3 H854, Dual

    > So I have compared an M9014 and an M9042; the former is a 'normal'
    > height dual module, the latter is a 'short' dual module. I suspect that
    > they have the same pinout on the Berg headers; I tried a couple of
    > UNIBUS signals, and they led to the same pin on the Bergs on the two
    > different units.

    > If and when I get energetic I will make a complete pinout list for the
    > two units (I haven't been able to find any documentation on any of them
    > online).

I have completed this pinout list, and it is now documented here:


I have also verified that both the M9014 and M9042 use the exact same pinout.

If _anyone_ has either an M9015, or an M9031, can they please let me know?
I'd like to document exactly what they are.

(I have this sneaky suspicion that the numbers were allocated, but the cards
never built: for the UNIBUS, unlike the QBUS, you can use the same card on
each end of a set of flat cables - that's because the UNIBUS dual connector
does not have separate 'grant in' and 'grant out' pins, unlike the QBUS.)

Since BC11A cables are now very hard to find, and the white flexible printed
circuit flat cables (I think that's the correct jargon, can someone please
correct me if I got that wrong) used in them is probably not obtainable now
(outside a special order), I suspect we may soon be using pairs of these
cards (they are very simple), along with a 3-set of 40-conductor (2x20 pin
headers) in place of them.

But that's for another day!


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