Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Jun 12 14:13:10 CDT 2016

On 06/11/2016 07:04 PM, emanuel stiebler wrote:
> Hi all, anybody know, which system used it? It is a 1986 CRT
> controller, which was pretty fancy back then. But never saw actual
> hardware with it ...

The am8052 isn't a general-purpose CRT controller, but an *alphanumeric*
one; that is, it does text, not graphics.  It has wide attribute and
proportional spacing support, which does set it apart from the usual
fixed-pitch crowd.

Intel announced a similar product, the 82730, around 1984.  Same
deal--advanced text display.  I recall that preliminary prices quoted
made it hugely expensive.  I don't know if it ever made it to production

I don't know of a product that used either chip, but I'd concentrate on
the word-processing world for my search.


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