EVOX RIFA X2 capacitors

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sun Jun 12 13:49:23 CDT 2016

> Explode?  Those are ceramics caps, right?  Are these the line inlet 

The ones I have seen are metalised paper and do have a deserved
reputation for being antisocial. They split open and emit clouds of
evil-smelling magic smoke.

> filter caps, or later on?  For line inlet, you need line rated caps, which
> have quite high voltage ratings for good margin.  Apart from that, I 

IIRC, the 'X2' marking means they are designed to be connected across the 
mains (from live to neutral). A 'Y' or 'Y2' (which is designed so it cannot fail
short-circuit) is used between one side of the mains and safety earth (ground).

The latter generally have a smaller capacitance than the former.

I suspect any known brand would be OK. I must admit I never buy components
on E-bay, I go to somewhere like RS components or Farnell. They may be more
expensive, but it is less of a gamble.


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