UNIBUS M9312 ROMS (Don North)

Don North ak6dn at mindspring.com
Fri Jun 10 13:55:16 CDT 2016

On 6/10/2016 4:56 AM, Michael Thompson wrote:
>> From: Don North <ak6dn at mindspring.com>
>> Subject: Re: UNIBUS M9312 ROMS
>> Actually the page listed below is a big out of date with respect to some
>> M9312
>> images (it is not an up to date mirror).
>> The up to date page is at:  http://ak6dn.dyndns.org/PDP-11/M9312/
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>> Don North
>> AK6DN
> RCS/RI has some PDP-11/34 systems that booted, I think using DDCMP, via a
> COAX interface from a PDP-10 KL10. I think that it took four ROMs to hold
> the boot loader. You might not have a copy of those ROMs.
There is a three PROM set 23-86[234]A9 for device code XM which is DDCMP boot 
over a DMC11/DMR11. Those PROMs are available and on my web page.

A two PROM set 23-E3[23]A9 has been found for etherNet DELUA/DEUNA boot (device 
code XE?) but it has not been reverse engineered. Hopefully soon the device 
patterns will be read and forwarded to me for processing.

I am not aware of the four PROM set you mention, but it could certainly be a 
custom one for that application.

(XM) DECnet DDCMP DMC11/DMR11 	23-862A9 
<http://ak6dn.dyndns.org/PDP-11/M9312/23-862A9/23-862A9-0625.hex> 	0x0625 	SRC 
LST <http://ak6dn.dyndns.org/PDP-11/M9312/23-862A9/23-862A9.lst> 	(1,2)
23-863A9 <http://ak6dn.dyndns.org/PDP-11/M9312/23-863A9/23-863A9-063F.hex> 
0x063F 	SRC <http://ak6dn.dyndns.org/PDP-11/M9312/23-863A9/23-863A9.mac>
LST <http://ak6dn.dyndns.org/PDP-11/M9312/23-863A9/23-863A9.lst>
23-864A9 <http://ak6dn.dyndns.org/PDP-11/M9312/23-864A9/23-864A9-0551.hex> 
0x0551 	SRC <http://ak6dn.dyndns.org/PDP-11/M9312/23-864A9/23-864A9.mac>
LST <http://ak6dn.dyndns.org/PDP-11/M9312/23-864A9/23-864A9.lst>

Don North

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