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The best manual I have has 54 pages of visual diagrams for adjusting the
Selectric II, which should be mechanically similar to yours, save the added
actuators. With about 7 adjustments depicted per page. Really. That's no
trivial piece of mechanical machinery, it's up there with some of the most
complex mechanical calculators I have. But they are very well documented
(unlike said mechanical calculators). I'm in the process of uploading a
folder with all the Selectric II manuals I have accumulated to my public
Dropbox, including that most useful "visual" guide. Once it's up through my
minuscule upload bandwidth I'll post a link.

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Thanks Chuck,

 I should have got those before as I have been a member on there for ages,
just couldn't remember they were there. The stuff in mine looks very similar
to the Louis Sanders article I have, so I am sure its from the same article.

 I now need to read the theory and clean, adjust and lubricate.


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> I just did a quick check--the Yahoo golfballtypewritershop group does 
> have
> Louis Sander 1983 article from Micro magazine about converting an I/O 
> selectric for general computer use.
> There's also a two parter on the I/O Selectric theory of operation.
> You should have enough there to keep you busy.
> --Chuck

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