Trying to repair a Smith-Corona letter quality "printer"

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> Does anyone have any idea of how to get this thing open (without breaking the plastic)? I’ve searched all over the internet but I can’t find any scanned service manuals. The typewriter is from 1984 and was sold for $600 new so it doesn't seem to me like it would be a "disposable" item so there has to be a way to open it and service it. From what I can tell the 200/300/400 all use the same case, and the Memory Correct II/III use a very similar case, so info for any of those may help.

Just for completeness and for future searchers who may run across my original message, I *was* able to get the typewriter open and get it fixed. After removing the two screws near the platen that hold the top on, you just have to pry the top up really hard. It's held in by two large metal posts in very strong clips.

The fix for the typewriter was actually very easy, it was just a blown fuse. I've now got it working with the Messenger Module and I'm able to print to it with both RS232 and parallel connections. I've also documented what I've been able to find about the escape codes for formatting and the dip switch settings on my blog:

I'm disappointed that typing on the keyboard doesn't send anything out the RS232 port, but that was expected. But the typewriter works now and it's pretty cool watching it automatically type under computer control!

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