LASM compatible cross assembler?

Chris Osborn fozztexx at
Thu Jun 9 09:54:21 CDT 2016

After getting my TRS-80 Model II keyboard repaired and up & running last week (, I've been messing around with the Kermit source code to see if I can add hardware flow control support. I'm able to build Kermit using LASM on CP/M or on an emulator, but it would be nice to be able to setup a Makefile so I can do the build directly on Linux.

Is there a LASM compatible assembler out there with source available that I can run on Linux? I've tried a whole lot of different ones that are capable of doing 8080 & Z80 assembly, but not one understands the syntax of LASM (or I'm just not running them with the right flags).

I've tried so far:

  z80asm -
  as -
  kio's zasm -
  zasm -
  z80-asm -
  z80pack -

Alternately, is the source code for Ward Christensen's LASM available anywhere? The best I could find was a note from a Kermit developer from 27 years ago asking for the source. I suppose I could use a disassembler, but then I don't have proper labels or comments.

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