VAX-11/780 Board Set on eBait

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Thu Jun 9 05:48:45 CDT 2016

    > From: Devin Davison

    > well there goes my plan of trying to keep it under the radar.

Sorry, I didn't mean to upset your plan (and you); I just didn't know if
anyone was watching for VAX-11/780 parts, they come by so rarely.

We have discussed this topic before, but let me recapitulate one point about
pricing and valuations: if we want to stop this stuff being scrapped, we need
to make sure the prices realized are well above scrap. This will have several

i) If people only get low (scrap-region) prices, why go to all the
bother/hassle of listing things on auction sites; just proceeed directly to
'Go'. ii) Hopefully, if values are non-trivial, the word will get around, and
people who have this stuff will go to the effort to list it, instead of
leaving it to moulder, etc.

Yes, I understand that will make this a more expensive hobby, but TANSTAAFL.


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