Anyone with a Data General Eclipse S/230 out there?

Jay West jwest at
Wed Jun 8 10:59:57 CDT 2016

On 6/8/16 7:42 AM, Jay West wrote:
> an FPS fp array processor.

To which AEK replied....
I have the drawing set for this. It is a custom unit for GE CAT scanner image convolution.
Ah ok. I just had noticed on the back of the device Floating Point Systems, and a model number - FPS-100 I think. The board for it that is in the cpu chassis is labled "Floating Point Option".

This box surprised me as being the densest amount of circuitry I have ever seen. It's stuffed top to bottom with boards that all touch eachother. I don't think you could find any space to put another chip anywhere inside it.

This certainly explains the huge and large number of cooling fans on the back of the chassis :>


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