TI Professional Computer (TIPC) Service Manual?

Martin Peters martin at shackspace.de
Wed Jun 8 05:01:42 CDT 2016

Hi all!

Martin Peters:
> We measure the additional diagnostic information on the onboard parallel
> port and it turned out, it was a FDC interrupt failure. After replacing
> the 1793 on the motherboard, the "** system error **  - 0004" message
> was gone. \o/
> Now, there is a "** keyboard error **  - 0010", sometimes "0011" and the

Ok, it's working again :-)

Great graphical abilities for a PC "clone" in 1983. This could have been
a MDA/CGA/Herc-killer if TI would have decided to sell the videocard for
IBM PCs and compatibles :)

Thanks for all your help.

Martin Peters
martin at shackspace.de

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