Model M Key Cap Replacement

Sun Jun 5 14:09:05 CDT 2016

Chuck!  That  would be  great! Perhaps  yours   had  newer  brains in it 
than my couple as mine  have some years  on them.  if you  still have link  to 
vendor that  would  be  good  too.  My clicky keyboard is off the tower so 
it has a  long cable on it!
I  love this keyboard!
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cclist at writes:

On  06/05/2016 10:09 AM, COURYHOUSE at wrote:
> my real IBM  clicky keyboard does not have usb  so I tried   various
>  usb adapters  and they could be  flaky,... you would have to   start
> computer then have to unplug  and reinsert keyboard  connection
> etc...
> anyone  have a solve  for  this? thanks  Ed#

I use a no-name cheapie keyboar+mouse  adapter that looks like a "y"
cable more than anything.  Works fine on  USB for both.  I think I paid
about $2 shipped from China.

I  can get the chip ID if you'd like, but that assumes that you can  find
another like  it.


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