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Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sun Jun 5 07:33:24 CDT 2016

    > From: Rod Smallwood

    > I discovered the RX211 needed to be in CDEF and not ABCD.

Is _that_ what it was? I'd have never figured that out in a million years!

I'm utterly amazed you didn't fry it - I forget whether the slot you plugged
it into was a MUD (hex) slot, or one of the SPC slots (I know the 11/84
backplane has some MUD and some SPC, but I don't know about the /94, and I'm
too lazy to look) - but there are some odd voltages on various pins.

    > If you try to boot the RX02 in 11/84 mode you get
    > ...
    > Unexpected trap to location 114

Well, 0114 is the 'memory system error' vector - i.e. parity, or
un-recoverable ECC error. I'm a bit surprised you're getting that, as I'd
have assumed the boot ROMs test all the memory.

I'm too lazy to read the 11/94 and J-11 manuals to see what the 11/94 has in
the way of registers that record memory issues (the 11/73 has, for instance,
a Memory System Error Register at 17777744), but that's the next step.

    > R6 = 172276 

That seems a bit odd - the stack pointer is pointing into I/0 space? 772276
is the last Supervisor mode Data space PAR - maybe it's using those registers
as a temporary stack?


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