U320 Drives Show up on Wrong Target ID?

alexmcwhirter at triadic.us alexmcwhirter at triadic.us
Sun Jun 5 00:26:43 CDT 2016

So in short i have six identical drives. Same manufacture, model, and 
firmware. Three of them work fine, the other three also work fine but 
they always show up as the wrong target.

For example i have a Sun D1000 storage array with 12 slots (targets 
0-11). It doesn't matter what slot you put them in, these three drives 
always have the same target number. One is target 8, on target 4, one 
target 2. I doesn't matter one of the drives is by itself or together 
with other drives.

Take the disk that always shows up as target two for example. If you 
place this drive in slot zero, then place a normal working drive in slot 
2, and finally attempt to write data to target 2 both drives will get 
the write. The same effect also applies to reads. If you boot an OS with 
the drives in this configuration you will usually get a panic.

I can verify the same behavior on my Sum V210 and Dell PE 2850. This is 
such a bizarre way for a disk to act / fail. Has anyone ever seen this 

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