MIPS systems at Weird Stuff

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Fri Jun 3 17:29:23 CDT 2016

For people in the Bay Area

Ian Finder had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Weird Stuff had gotten in some
MIPS systems. They put them out on the floor for $75 ea, so I got a RC3020, Magnum 3000
and Magnum 3000/33. Some had a full compliment of memory, some had some scsi disks in
them. Hopefully they'll haven't been wiped, since one machine had a MIPS asset tag.

There are still about 10 of them, mostly RS and RC 2030s

Curious thing is all of the machines, even the RC2030 have PS/2 connectors for the kb.

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