HP 9845B Model 100 PSU - looking for transformer

Martin.Hepperle at dlr.de Martin.Hepperle at dlr.de
Fri Jun 3 08:26:16 CDT 2016


I have got a 9845B which has a defective power supply unit - obviously a very common problem.
After replacing the cracking epoxy capacitors I found that the mains transformer seems to have a broken input winding.
Maybe someone tried to run it at 220V using the 110V input selector switch.

What I am now looking for is a defective PSU with a good transformer, resp. just the transformer which may also have been used in other HP devices..

The transformer is located on the PSU mother board between the two large capacitors.
It has the part number "9100-4037" and the date code "8-81"  printed on it. It has two input windings and three output windings. Thus the output is a bit different (one additional winding compared to Tony Duells schematics).

Maybe someone can help?


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