cdrom block size - WAS::::Re: AT&T 3b2 vs SCSI2SD drive replacement

Jerry Kemp other at
Wed Jun 1 17:37:54 CDT 2016


Most early Sun equipment required 512 block size also.

Not that I am casting doubt, but I am unaware of anything that required 2048 
block size for optical devices.

If you have a workstation or server that required 2048 block size for optical 
media, please share!

That is the great thing about this list, I learn new stuff, all the time.


On 06/ 1/16 06:07 PM, pete wrote:
> On 01/06/2016 23:29, Swift Griggs wrote:
>> On Wed, 1 Jun 2016, Josh Dersch wrote:
>>> it can support multiple drives on a single board, pretend to be a
>>> CD-ROM, etc, etc, etc. 4) It's considerably cheaper.
>> That's an excellent feature that I'm sure would come in handy, especially
>> if it can emulate a CDROM with a 2048 block size. That'd be super-helpful
>> on an SGI, and would probably make the mind-numbing 'inst' operations take
>> a little less time.
> AAT.  2048 bytes is the common CDROM standard, used by PCs and their ilk,
> whereas SGIs want 512-byte blocks on CDROMs.  Some SGIs/IRIX versions (eg Indy
> and later, running IRIX 5.3 or later) will issue a command to make the CDROM
> switch to 512-byte blocks instead of their default 2048.  Most modern SCSI
> CDROMs honour that, but older ones may have jumpers or PCB links that need to be
> set.

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