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On 01/06/2016 18:54, Henk Gooijen wrote:
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> Posts Subject: Re: PDP-11/94-E
> All good information. Apart from a personal 1202 alarm (somebody out 
> there may understand that)
> I did try a TK50 controller instead of the RX02 controller - same result.
> ---------
> I hope you tried a TUK50 instead of the RX211, not a TK50 ... (QBUS).
> Personally, I would have tried using a simple DL11 or SLU module.
> The TUK50 is too rare (read: expensive) to be used as a guinea pig ...
> - Henk
Well actually the the M7547 came with the system. It just says TK50 
I took it out because TK50's are very nasty beasts.
The motors do strange things from time to time.  Not only that you 
can't  get the tapes.
The old tapes go sticky and jam. I have junked loads of them

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