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Wed Jun 1 12:49:06 CDT 2016

On 01/06/2016 18:24, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>      > From: Rod Smallwood
>      > if you try to get it to boot it says no controller to every device
>      > except DD and that says no drive
> Hmm, I wonder if that's a clue. Ah, probably not: 'DD' means 'TU58', which is
> interfaced through a standard serial line (DL11 clone), and the standard
> device location for the TU58's serial line is 776500, which is the standard
> address for the first serial line, and since the 11/94 has a bunch of serial
> lines, the code probably thinks there's a TU58 there. But there isn't...
>      > I cant get it to go into ODT to look at the registers.
> If you look in the "PDP-11/84 System Technical and Reference Manual"
> (EK-1184E-TM-001), available here:
>    http://bitsavers.org/pdf/dec/pdp11/1184/EK-1184E-TM-001_Dec87.pdf
> Section 3.7 lists several ways to get into ODT. In addition to those, if you
> look at Section 3.2.2, it allows you to configure the machine to fall into
> ODT on power-on (section B gives details).
>      > From: Henk Gooijen
>      > The first 4 (5?) slots are QBUS
> Technically, PMI, which is more-or-less QBUS on the left (A/B) side (modulo
> not having grants, unless the appropriate backplane jumpers are set to send
> grants to those slots), and it uses the standard CD interconnect (as in Q/CD
> backplanes) on the right (C/D) side to carry PMI.
>      > The RX211 must have the NPR/NPG open. Check the documention which DIP
>      > switch must be set in the correct position. However, not sure if that
>      > would cause the RX211 to be "invisible".
> Right; DMA would not work, but normal master/slave UNIBUS read/write cycles
> to the device registers should still work.
>      > Can you check the RX211 in another UNIBUS system? See whether its CSR
>      > responds.
> Another good test would be to plug a known working UNIBUS card into the
> 11/94, and check if the CPU can 'see' it.
>      > Also, check the configuration of the RX211. It might be set to a
>      > different CSR ...
> Yup.
> 	Noel
All good information. Apart from a personal 1202 alarm (somebody out 
there may understand that)
I did try a TK50 controller instead of the RX02 controller - same result.
I'll have another go with the outstanding things to try to-morrow.
My two granddaughters (one two the other four) have been helping to-day!!

Thanks for  the help.
                    Please insert speech from Henry V scene III here (We 
few We band of brothers...)

Regards  Rod

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