Beehive B601 terminal

tony duell ard at
Wed Jun 1 10:24:42 CDT 2016

I am trying to empty my storage unit back to my house (to save money
and becuase I have these old computers to play around with, not to
store). One thing I brought home recently is an old (even on this list)
CRT terminal. It claims to be a Beehive B601.

I have no manuals for it at all. 

Inside is the CRT (which looks to have a shallower deflection angle
than normal, but maybe it's a normal 90 degree one), a PSU (big
mains transformer and some kind of hybrid module for the regulator),
and 4 boards of logic plugged into a backplane. These are : 

Comms (all TTL, there is no UART chip that I can spot)

Processor (8008 + lots of 1702As.  I can only find
16 bytes of RAM (a pair of 7489s) but maybe I am
missing something

Cursor (yes, an entire PCB with that title -- all TTL again)

Display (lots of TTL + a couple of ROMs (presumably 
character generators) + a couple of rows of 8 pin
ICs (MOS shift registers for the display RAM?) and 
2 metal cans at the end of them (clock drivers?)

One odd feature is that one of the LEDs on the front
(there is a column of same next to the screen) is labelled
'Hebrew' and there seem to be hebrew (as well as English)
characters on the keycaps.

Does anyone know anything about this? Does anyone
have a service manual for it?


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