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       I'm trying to get my 11/94 running. Its a hybrid having both Q 
and Unibus. The CPU card  has a KDJ11-E
18Mhz processor with 4Mb ram and six serial ports plus the console on 
board. Apart from a voltage monitor card
that's all there is in the Qbus section.
Between the Q and Unibus sections is a special  convertor card (KTJ-11B 
UNIBUS adapter.)
After the KTJ-11B I have one slot with an RX211 8in floppy controller in 
All of the other slots have bus grant cards except the last one that has 
a terminator card and a MLM card.
On switch on the console display comes up. Whilst it performs the same 
functions as the one in the manual
it looks different. What ever I do by way of setting up devices I can't 
get it to talk to the RX211.
it just says No Controller.

Ideas anybody?
Rod Smallwood

I have to do this from memory as all my systems "live" 9 km away ...
Both 84 and 94 in that box are very similar. The first 4 (5?) slots are QBUS,
the rest is UNIBUS. The slot between the QBUS and UNIBUS is where the
converter is supposed to be.
In the 84, all memory would go in the QBUS slots, but with the 94, I guess
the QBUS slots will be empty, because *all* memory is on-board the 94.

However, most right slot (seen from the front) in the QBUS section is a
module that, among others, has the system voltages and monitoring.
On *that* board are all NPR/NPG (CA1-CB1) "jumpers" for the UNIBUS
slots. Actually they are DIP switches.
The RX211 must have the NPR/NPG open. Check the documention
which DIP switch must be set in the correct position.
However, not sure if that would cause the RX211 to be "invisible".

Can you check the RX211 in another UNIBUS system?  See whether its
CSR responds. Also, check the configuration of the RX211. It might be
set to a different CSR ...

- Henk

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