My first 10BASE5 network segment

tony duell ard at
Fri Aug 26 00:28:40 CDT 2016

> 47 and 56 were resistors of choice back in the day for make-shift
> termination on thin-net networks in a pinch.

Thinwire (10base2) and 10base5 are electrically very similar. There 
is a difference (I forget what, but I seem to remember if you used the
common 8392 transceiver IC there is a small passive component (resistor,
perhaps diode) that's fitted for one and not the other), but it is small. You
can often get away with using BNC-N adapters to connect one to the other.

51 Ohms is a prefered value and the nearest to 50 ohms you will easily
get. 47Ohms should be fine too. (From the method used for collision
detection it is generally better for the termination to be too low rather than
too high.) Actually a 47 ohm at one end and a 56ohm at the other has almost
the correct DC resistance (25.5 ohms, as against 25 ohms for a pair of 50 
ohm terminators) and is probably the best you'll get with common 


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