docs & sw wanted for Heurikon HK 68/ME-2 and HK 68/M10-3, Micro Memory Inc. MM-9000

Eric Smith spacewar at
Fri Jul 17 17:58:25 CDT 2015

I've got one each of the Heurikon HK 68/ME-2 and HK 68/M10-3 multibus
boards. There are brochures on bitsavers, but does anyone have
documentation, schematics, or software for either of these?

It also would be nice to get documentation, or at least switch and
jumper settings, for the Micro Memory Inc. MM-9000 Multibus/iLBX RAM
board. I have the 4MB version, using 144 256K DRAMs (includes parity),
but there was apparently also a 1MB version using 64K DRAMs. Aside
from the DRAMs I expect the difference is in the jumper or switch

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