Linear Power Supply (Conversion Equipment Corp) from a basic four 510

Armin Diehl ad at
Mon Jul 13 11:28:56 CDT 2015

Thanks, yes you are right. And it is fixed now. Would have been more 
easy with the schematics on hand.

But the 510 does not seem to start, may be the mini test program i have 
(to boot from terminal) only works with the model 210 and not with the 
510. (

Would really like to have the cpu documentation, than it may be possible 
to write some test code. (1300 CPU Technical Manual and/or M1300 Series 
CPU Organisation and Description Reference Manual)

On 07/10/2015 08:19 PM, dwight wrote:
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>> Subject: Linear Power Supply (Conversion Equipment Corp) from a basic four 510
>> The one from my 510 does not supply the main +5V, all the other voltages
>> are present. Does someone have a schematic for that one, would me more
>> easy.
>> I have uploaded pictures here:
>> Thanks a lot
>> Armin
> Linear supplies are the easiest to fix. Most of the circuits use 723 that
> are straight forward regulators. The MC3302 ( LM339 ) is most likely
> an over voltage detector or such.
> Get a data sheet for the 723 and I suspect you'll be able to trouble
> shoot with just that and no actual schematic. I think places like Jamco
> still have these chips.
> Locate the one used for the +5 and measure the voltages on
> the pins. It will most likely tell you the issue.
> Dwight


Armin Diehl
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