DEC PDP-11/70 Wire Lists

Paul Birkel pbirkel at
Sun Jan 25 09:52:07 CST 2015

In reverse order, I think that the 11/40 was the last MP to include an
integrated Wire List.  In later cases they apparently were separate
documents.  Or those portions simply didn't get scanned and archived to
Bitsavers (or elsewhere) ... they're not in MP0KB11-C0_1170engDrw_Nov75.pdf

Yes, the 11/70 has one big, bad, backplane.  I think that you're probably
correct that there's a single Wire List for the whole thing -- perhaps just
identified as KB11-C.  But I don't know that to be true ... yet :->.

On Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 9:22 AM, Noel Chiappa <jnc at>

>     > From: Paul Birkel
>     > Wire Lists for any/all of the following:
>     >
>     > KB11-C 11/70 Processor  (or the older KB11-B)
>     > FP11-C 11/70 Floating-point processor  (or the older FP11-B, also
> used
>     > in 11/45 and 11/50)
>     > RH70 MASSBUS controller
> I don't know for sure about the 11/70 (I never looked at one closely), but
> for the 11/45 FPP, IIRC that was part of an integral multi-unit backplane
> assembly with the CPU, i.e. it was wired as part of a large wire mat that
> included the wiring for the CPU. So I don't think there's a separate wire
> list for the FPP. I would guess the same is true of the RH70.
> DEC generally included the wire lists in the engineering drawings; do the
> 11/70 prints not include the wire list?
>         Noel

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