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> Subject: Re: Software for DEC MINC systems
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>>> On 12/27/2015 10:15 PM, Mark Matlock wrote:
>>>>  The software I am looking for are the MINC software packages FEP (Fortran Enhancement Package) V2.1 and FRP (Fortran Real_time Package) V1.0. Also SSP V1.3 (Scientific Subroutines Package) and LSP V1.2 (Laboratory Subroutines Package) would be great to find as well. These all run under RT-11 and I understand that there was also a version (V1.1) of FEP and V1.0 of FRP that ran under RSX11M which would be fantastic to find as I am more interested in RSX11M. This is based on documents in the MINC folder in the bitsavers online archives.
>>>> Mark
>>> I have some MINC hardware (also a MINC/23 I think) and software, but it
>>> does not look like I have what you are looking for.
>>> What I do have images of (except for the one marked "(Bad)" that seem
>>> likely MINC related:
>>> RX01:
>>> LAB Applications-11 Library V3 DEC-11-SLABA-C-YB, NSUM=41906
>>> LAB Applications-11 Lib Source 1 of 3 DEC-11-SLABA-C-YA1, NSUM=56190
>>> LAB Applications-11 Lib Source 2 of 3 DEC-11-SLABA-C-YA2, NSUM=28900
>>> LAB Applications-11 Lib Source 3 of 3 DEC-11-SLABA-C-YA3, NSUM=65055
>>> PLOT, Ver June '80 DECUS 11-381 RT-11 Media(KA) (Bad)
>>> PLOTTING PKG For RT-11 FORTRAN DECUS 11-431 RT-11, NSUM=12228
>>> LABORATORY APPLICATIONS-11 1 of 4, (KD) DECUS 11-448 RT-11, NSUM=15424
>>> LABORATORY APPLICATIONS-11 2 of 4, (KD) DECUS 11-448 RT-11, NSUM=1369
>>> LABORATORY APPLICATIONS-11 3 of 4, (KD) DECUS 11-448 RT-11, NSUM=2841
>>> LABORATORY APPLICATIONS-11 4 of 4, (KD) DECUS 11-448 RT-11, NSUM=21353
>>> FEP2: FINITE ELEMENT PROG 3DIM 1 of 2 KB DECUS 11-461 RT-11, NSUM=14187
>>> FEP2: FINITE ELEMENT PROG 3DIM 2 of 2 KB DECUS 11-461 RT-11, NSUM=26552
>>> RX02:
>>> MINC MA DEMO/23 V2.0 BIN RX2 BA-J837B-BC, NSUM=04649
>>> MINC MA DEMO/03 V2.0 BIN RX2 BA-H107D-BC, NSUM=58263
>>> MINC MA SYS/23 V2.0 BIN RX2 BA-J836B-BC, NSUM=17510
>>> MINC MA SYS/03 V2.0 BIN RX2 BA-H106D-BC, NSUM=61253
> I have had several folks express the desire for them. Over the day or
> few days (we have a gathering coming up tomorrow, and not sure I will
> get to it today, so it could be as late as next week), I will load them
> up on my Google drive in a directory structure analogous to what
> bitsavers uses, and send out the link.

   Thank you so much for putting the RX01 and RX02 images on your Google drive. This afternoon I was able to download them all and in RT11/Simh copy all the files to a large DU: type drive to both verify that the disk images downloaded correctly and to put everything in one convenient volume to load on a microSD card for the SCSI2SD transfer to a real PDP-11. I didn't notice any file names duplicating as I combined the contents of the floppies and if that the case there were 168 files on the RX01s and 64 files on the RX02s with a combined size of 3976 blocks. 

   Browsing through the files I saw lots of great example code for a wide range of scientific routines!! Thanks again for taking the time to put the files out there.

Thanks again!!

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