The KGB, the Computer, and Me

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Mon Dec 28 04:37:22 CST 2015

On 28/12/2015 10:06, jwsmobile wrote:
> On 12/28/2015 1:45 AM, Rod Smallwood wrote:
>> Hi
>> Anybody who has not seen this film (The KGB, the Computer, and Me)
>> its worth a look. 1980's DEC systems everywhere, LSI terminals, HP kit,
>> Tape drives in action and apart from the Mac no Windows anywhere.
>> I think LBL must have bought one of everything.
>> The story (true) is not bad either.
>> I now expect to get a long list of weveseenits.
>> Ron
> I have not seen that, but have the Stoll Book, Cuckoo's Egg.  A friend 
> of mine is central to this, and is in the book (though I've not seen 
> him for 30 years...)
> Ron Vivier was a programmer @ Microdata for a couple of years before 
> leaving and moving to the Bay area and resurfacing @ Tymnet.  There 
> was a lull for a bit then all of a sudden the story about Stoll 
> trapping the guy made headlines, and there in the front of it was 
> Ron.  He did what I'd have expected him to do, but the people covering 
> the story didn't get that was in his nature to help like that.
> I ended up with the desk cleanout droppings from his desk and kept 
> most of it for years, and still owe him a chess clock (which is around 
> here somewhere).  Still has his name dymo'ed on the top.
> I found the video you posted about, will take a look tomorrow, late 
> here tonight.  thanks for the lead.  Wonder what Stoll is up to these 
> days.
> Thanks
> Jim
Very interesting comments.

Stoll has a bit of a wesite.. He's an astronomer just like he said. Also 
he also says stay at home dad. (Wife is lawyer I guess)

Did anybody spot the visual reference to a well known rock star also a 
Phd  astronomer.

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