Old VCF East/West videos are going online

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Mon Dec 28 03:46:57 CST 2015

Did they ever get the plaque dedication  video finished Evan?  
In a message dated 12/27/2015 10:45:51 P.M. US Mountain Standard Tim,  
cctalk at snarc.net writes:

Good  news! A bunch of old VCF East/West videos are going onto YouTube, 
thanks  to ANTIC / Atari Podcast's Kevin Savetz stepping forward to do 
the grunt  work.

The first batch are talks from VCF East 6.0 (2009). YouTube  playlist is 
at https://t.co/yYRr7rP7R4.

We also asked Jason Scott  to bring the videos into Archive.org as they 
go  online.

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