PDP-12 Restoration at the RICM

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> I have an image of MAINDEC-12-D8CD-PB, and a listing as well
> (MDEC-12-D8CD-L in my inventory).  Let me know if you need them as well
> as the drawings (see below).  It is in an archive folder with a bunch of
> other interesting PDP-12/PDP-8 stuff.

I wrote a program to export a BIN formatted file from a LINCtape image so
we were able to make a BIN image of MAINDEC-12-D8CD. This runs OK, where
the D8CC does not.

Can you give me a pointer to the SerialDisk info?  Sounds interesting.

Kyle's SerialDisk is here: https://github.com/drovak/os8diskserver

> Hopefully you can actually fix the original M160 and M103 cards.

We have been able to fix all types of broken flip-chips. Sourcing the
components is sometimes a challenge. The Germanium transistors for the TU20
on the PDP-9 were hard to find.

> >
> > We found that the maintenance prints that came with the system do not
> > include ECO EM12-0055.
> > Does anyone have a set of KW12 prints that include ECO EM12-0055?

The prints that came with this PDP-12 are here:

Now that I looked in the ECO block I can see that they actually do
incorporate ECOs 55 and 57.

The machine wiring does not match the CLC page, so maybe there are more
recent ECOs in the machine and not in the prints.

We visited the RCS/RI crew last weekend and used their PDP-12 to format
some LINCtapes. At least we have some freshly formatted, known good,
LINCtapes for the TC12 debugging.

Jay, we are interested in anything PDP-12 related that we don't have.

The PDP-12 is described here:

Details on the PDP-12 restoration process are here:

Michael Thompson

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