Fw: Odd disk image format... .552?

Nico de Jong nico at farumdata.dk
Tue Dec 22 08:08:13 CST 2015

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>> Subject: Odd disk image format... .552?
>>> Recently found some long-lost images of 5 1/4" floppies that were sent
>>> to me...  10-15 years ago. Here's one of them:
>>> http://www.corestore.org/RP06.552
>> Seems to be a MSDOS 5.0 boot disk, with just one important program,
>> RP06.EXE, on it, and then some support programs.
>> As far as I can see, it is a physical backup. Could the 552 just be a serial
>> number `?
>That's kinda what I expected actually... so you reckon they're just in
>normal raw image format for e.g. Rawrite?
Suppose so. They took a complete disc, sector by sector, and wrote it as a file.

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