Design tools Was: Mystery IC: Allen Bradley 314B102

Todd Goodman tsg at
Sat Dec 19 09:33:02 CST 2015

* Noel Chiappa <jnc at> [151218 17:38]:
>     > From: Brent Hilpert
>     > I need to move to something newer but I haven't evaluated current
>     > schematic-drawing programs
> Dave Bridgham got me started with KiCAD, and that seems like a pretty good
> system to me. It has separate sub-systems for schematic capture; circuitry
> checking; netlist generation; PCB layout; etc, etc. I've only worked with the
> first three, but it seemed pretty good for them.
>     > I'm a little concerned they won't provide the degree of control or
>     > finesse I like
> Well, you'll have to try it and see, but it's pretty customizable: they
> provide libraries of common components, but it has a nice component editor
> for drawing up new ones (or customizing the ones it comes with).
> Component location and line routing (in the schematic capture) are manual,
> but it's grid-based, so things line up.
> 	Noel

Not to mention it's open source so if you don't like the control you
have you can always change it as desired.


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