Mystery IC: Allen Bradley 314B102

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Fri Dec 18 15:31:00 CST 2015

On 2015-Dec-18, at 12:13 AM, Mike Stein wrote:
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> Mind telling me/us what software you used to draw that schematic?

On 2015-Dec-18, at 8:17 AM, GerardCJAT wrote:
> May I ask what software you use for creating your schematics ??
> I like the way gates are drawn.

They're drawn using the drawing segment of the old Mac AppleWorks / ClarisWorks application suite.
The symbols are my own 'symbol package', so to speak.

It's not something you want to take up with:
	- Apple has EOL'd AppleWorks and no longer supports it.
	Currently I have to maintain a MacOS 10.4 system to continue
	to maintain the schematics I've drawn over the past 20+ years of use.
	They can be PDF'd for presentation on current machines and of course printed, but then they're static.
	I hear BareBones Software produces a current program that can draw & manipulate the original files, I need to check that out.

	- It's not a native schematic-drawing program, so it doesn't do things such as automatically maintain connections as you manually organise elements.

	- By the same token, it of course doesn't produce things like netlists, which would be nice to feed into simulations.

I need to move to something newer but I haven't evaluated current schematic-drawing programs, and I'm a little concerned they won't provide the degree of control or finesse I like

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