Decisions you regret (classiccmp related)

william degnan billdegnan at
Fri Dec 18 11:38:45 CST 2015

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> He said that the scrappers had already been called, and that I'd have to
> beat them there and get the stuff, as he wanted it gone that day.   I
> signed the waiver, and then went to my boss immediately and said I had an
> urgent issue to tend to, and that I needed the rest of the day off.  He
> said fine, so I rushed home, and started calling friends that had trucks.
> I didn't have a truck, so I needed to find someone with a full-size pickup
> that could haul the stuff.
> My efforts were stymied by the fact that everyone was at work with their
> truck.  I was in a big hurry, so I ended up going to rent a moving type
> truck from U-Haul.  That took what seemed like forever.
> Once I had the truck, I rushed back to work, drove up to the loading
> dock...and....there was nothing there.  I went inside, and the supervisor
> said that the scrappers had been there about 1/2 hour prior to me getting
> there, and took  it all.
>  I lost out on a really nice PDP 8/I system,  ended up spending $60 on
> truck rental and gas, and burned most of a day of vacation time all for
> naught.    It was not a good day.
> Rick Bensene
> The Old Calculator Museum

Yes, but at least you tried.


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